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This is my 5 star Best Selling Bridal Set.2.3ct Oval AAA rated CZ This includes the 3 piece set. The middle band carries the CZ and is Rhodium Plated to achieve a Dark Grey Silvery Finish. The 2 outer bands Rhodium Plated in Black.They are the jewelry of the future, now. Ionic Bonding is the best thing to happen to the jewelry trade in recent history. It is highly durable, has more brilliance, the finish will not wear down. You can own one of these pieces of jewelry, that are as close as you can get to the real thing, without the price tag. They have the look and feel of high end jewelry. The weight of these pieces are designed to be the same weight as their solid gold counterparts. Diamond and Gold Mining take a great toll on our Earth, and diamonds created in the lab can be cut exactly like a diamond and they are always perfect stone. These rings are Earth Friendly.